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Jeffrey S. Gould – Cinematographer/Producer

For over 25 years, filmmaker Jeffrey Gould and Action Media Productions have been providing a diverse roster of clients with award-winning video productions. Whether producing medical, educational, marketing videos or documentaries, Jeffrey’s skills for visual storytelling are infused into all of his projects.

Jeffrey has assembled a talented team of professionals who are like-minded in their drive, integrity and passion in the arts of Filmmaking, Video Production and Photography. Their work has received numerous industry awards and accolades for the videos they've produced for both local and national businesses. He regards his long-standing relationships with clients – as well as exceeding their expectations – as the most rewarding aspect of his work.

Jeffrey is currently entrenched in the world of Independent Film, with such credits as Executive Producer, Cinematographer and Editor.

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“When you have an idea for a film, it can be an overwhelming process. Action Media Productions understands this; in essence, they relieve the pressure and become YOUR team. I was impressed with their ability to make each shot look like a classic photograph.”

– Rob Dimension, Indie Writer & Producer

“Action Media is a full-service production company for indie filmmakers, involving everything from pre-production to package design. Jeffrey is a perfectionist who impressively combines professionalism and skill; he went the extra mile on my project and exceeded all of my expectations.”

– Jerry Janda, indie filmmaker

Awards and Accolades

Action Media Video Awards

  • CentraState-Patient Experience 2015 Communicator Award
  • Parallels in Precision 2014 Communicator Awards
  • TV Asia-West Point Military Academy 2014 Communicator Awards
  • The Truth about Sirens 2013 OEMS Outstanding Safety Award
  • The Truth about Sirens 2013 New Jersey Safety Forum Award
  • Abe's Garden Memory Care 2012 Telly Award
  • Step Up and Play Big Book Trailer 2012 Telly Award
  • Step Up and Play Big Book Trailer 2012 Jasper Award
  • Step Up and Play Big Book Trailer 2012 Hermes Creative Award
  • The Cheese Cave Marketing Video 2011 Videographer Award
  • Piping Plovers of Sandy Hook 2010 Communicator Award
  • Barlo & Associates Architecture 2010 JSPRAA Award
  • MONOC EMS Recruitment 2009 JSPRAA Award
  • The Ospreys of Sandy Hook 2008 Videographer Award
  • Liberty Homecare & Hospice 2007 Blingy Sapphire Award
  • Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center 2005 Videographer Award
  • New York Spinal Care & N.U.C.C.A. 2005 Telly Award
  • Radiation Therapy ... What to Expect 2004 Axiem Award
  • CMC Foundation ... Come Grow With Us 2003 Videographer Award
  • SBHCS ... The Future of Pain Management 2002 Jasper Award
  • Community's Culture 2002 Communicator Award
  • O.C.E.A.N., Inc. People Helping People 2002 Telly Award
  • Restraint Reduction Initiatives 2001 Telly Award
  • New York Spinal Care & N.U.C.C.A. 2005 Telly Award