Quiet Please…a Documentary

As I type this blog post, I'm 2/3 of the way towards the crowd-sourcing goal of my documentary titled "Quiet Please...", an emotional documentary on a disorder related to the processing of specific sounds in the brain, on IndieGoGo. I've written about how this project came to be on the film's website, on the IndieGoGo…
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Client Spotlight is on Repechage…

Today we had a meeting with to discuss Action Media's 4th project for the international skin care company. Lydia Sarfati, president of Repechage Skin Care, is a very successful business woman, and like other successful business owners...she is strong-willed, sharp and knows how to best represent her company when it comes to their marketing.…
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Client Spotlight: Chris Ruisi

Every once in a while a client comes along that impacts your life, both personally and professionally; that client is Chris Ruisi and why he is our client spotlight this month. Chris' many talents include: Executive Coach, Author, Presenter, Radio Host...but most meaningful to me, is that he is honest, fair and a man that I call a friend. Our working relationship started 4 years ago at an IHOP when Chris asked me to produce a book trailer for his soon to be released book "Step Up and Play Big". I had a vision, he trusted me, we shot it, and that vision is 95% of what the final video turned out to be, which went on to win several industry awards.

Since that book trailer, we have been prolific and diverse in our video productions; some of the most memorable moments include: Chris doing an opening for the Healthy Families of America (HFA) leadership Conference, where he navigated a slide just to prove that he could Step Up and Play Big as well. We also had our share of blooper reels, that could easily counteract a bad day...but you'll have to ask Chris for the link to those; I had to sign all kinds of legal documents to guarantee I wouldn't post them :-). I lost count but I would say that we have produced close to 100 videos in our 4 year relationship... Sure I appreciate the ongoing work, but I also get to benefit of hearing Chris' presentations, experience and wisdom, and I even get an occasional "Step Up and Play Big" chocolate bar from Suzi's Sweet Shoppe.

With any successful business and personal relationship, comes referrals and there have been many from Chris; in fact, earlier this year I fulfilled a dream of mine to work in a chocolate shoppe. I didn't actual take care of customers, but I did shoot 3 marketing videos for Susan and had the time of my life. I now give out my own Action Media Productions chocolate bars made by Suzi's Sweet Shoppe and they're quite a hit. Through Chris, I also met Caryl Felicetta and we produced 7 videos for CarePlus New Jersey, a provider of comprehensive, recovery-focused mental health care and substance abuse treatment. I now consider Susan from Suzi's Sweet Shoppe and Caryl to be friends as well, and Caryl and her marketing company Think Plan C designed and coded Action Media's new website that you're on.

The last photo in this post is from today's shoot with Chris and he's just as informative and entertaining as he was 4 years ago. Thank you Chris for all the opportunities and laughs...and chocolate milk.

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How my work helped to raise my awareness…

West Point

West Point Military Academy

When I'm editing a project with a deadline, I often tune out any distractions so that I can stay focused; not an easy task in a world full of: phone-calls, texts, emails, Facebook and name a few.  Well, thankfully I decided to pick up the phone on the day that Nisha Mathur from TV Asia called me.  She told me that she was producing a show called Shades of Shakti: "shades" for women and Shakti for "empowerment" and that she needed a production company to bring her weekly show to life.  She also filled me in on how the current production company was not meeting deadlines, nor her high standards...I knew that if we took on this would have to surpass current expectations... The timing was right, the chemistry between Nisha and me was right, so we met in person and decided to surge forward in the hopes of creating a special show that could make a difference.

When I think back 7 months ago, I'm not even sure I knew there was a region called South Asia or what countries embodied it...well, that has changed and I believe I am a better and more tolerant person because of it.  Throughout the 13 episodes of the show, 10 of which Action Media produced, the guests have included: Physicians, Philanthropists, Students, Teenagers, Mothers, Children, Designers, Professors and even the first South Asia female cadet at The West Point Military Academy.  To call the knowledge, wisdom and perseverance of these people an inspiration...would truly be an understatement.   Please scroll down to read more...but stop along the way to view the pics.