Client Spotlight is on Repechage…

Today we had a meeting with to discuss Action Media's 4th project for the international skin care company. Lydia Sarfati, president of Repechage Skin Care, is a very successful business woman, and like other successful business owners...she is strong-willed, sharp and knows how to best represent her company when it comes to their marketing. While in the meeting, I stood up to make a few suggestions and at that moment I realized how far I have come with this company. After 3 major productions/product launches and over 25 videos, I was a respected part of the creative team and that is something that money can't buy...however, it's priceless. We shoot our next project on April 24th and 25th; which will introduce two new products to the Repechage line, that launch takes place on May 18th...which gives us about two weeks for post-production and duplication. Here's a few pics from our recent shoot at Repechage, that launched Rapidex on the Korean Shopping Network: GS TV. I found out today, that they sold 10,000 units in 30 minutes and that the video we produced was a factor in that success. Lydia, thank you for the trust you put into Action Media and me.

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