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West Point

West Point Military Academy

When I'm editing a project with a deadline, I often tune out any distractions so that I can stay focused; not an easy task in a world full of: phone-calls, texts, emails, Facebook and name a few.  Well, thankfully I decided to pick up the phone on the day that Nisha Mathur from TV Asia called me.  She told me that she was producing a show called Shades of Shakti: "shades" for women and Shakti for "empowerment" and that she needed a production company to bring her weekly show to life.  She also filled me in on how the current production company was not meeting deadlines, nor her high standards...I knew that if we took on this would have to surpass current expectations... The timing was right, the chemistry between Nisha and me was right, so we met in person and decided to surge forward in the hopes of creating a special show that could make a difference.

When I think back 7 months ago, I'm not even sure I knew there was a region called South Asia or what countries embodied it...well, that has changed and I believe I am a better and more tolerant person because of it.  Throughout the 13 episodes of the show, 10 of which Action Media produced, the guests have included: Physicians, Philanthropists, Students, Teenagers, Mothers, Children, Designers, Professors and even the first South Asia female cadet at The West Point Military Academy.  To call the knowledge, wisdom and perseverance of these people an inspiration...would truly be an understatement.   Please scroll down to read more...but stop along the way to view the pics.

We all have bad days, but imagine those bad days on top of being blind, imprisoned in a sex traffic ring, being a victim of a forced marriage or ridiculed because of your skin color...or how about the added burden of taking care of a child with developmental issues?  Some of the stories and atrocities that we documented just don't seem possible in 2014...but they take place every day.  While I personally can't change of any of that, I can do my part by helping to convey their stories, their experiences and their successes in overcoming their adversities. In doing so, perhaps it will give strength and hope to someone who is in a similar situation, or perhaps raise awareness and have a more global effect...if so, then we've succeeded.

If you've made it this far, you can tell that I've been affected in a positive way by this experience and of course, I couldn't do it alone... I'm grateful that Nisha has entrusted Action Media to produce her show; she has made a great opportunity...even better.  She's a consummate professional who knows her stuff and has the nick name "one-take Nisha".  For those of you who have seen the show, it might appear that there is a large crew involved...there isn't...and part of the reason the show looks as polished as it does, is because of the input, camerawork and dedication of Steve Adams.   It's a huge responsibility to deliver a weekly show, but also a rewarding one.  Here's some behind the scenes photos, mostly taken from my perspective behind the camera, but also a few that show us doing what we do best...  The show's website is:

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