Video Production

Video Production in NJ by Action Media Productions
Video is the most versatile medium to carry your message, one with the strongest impact on your audience. Through creativity and comprehensive technical expertise, Action Media Productions makes it possible to communicate in a way that will resonate with your audience and guarantee a strong return on your investment. Learn more...

Digital Photography

Action Media Productions Digital Photography
Some of the most memorable images in the world are still photographs, capable of communicating the relevance of the subject or the benefit of your product or service. Action Media Productions provides state-of-the-art digital photography, offering your business another medium for communication and ensuring continuity of your message throughout all your marketing collateral. Learn more...

Indie Filmmaking

Indie Filmmaking is becoming a formidable component in the film industry and Action Media is an active participant. While narrative films are very different than a corporate or marketing video, they all share a few common elements: artistic cinematography and solid storytelling. Action Media has been chosen to be the production company for several indie films, including: Demon Hunters, Baggage, and Painkiller. Learn more...