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Cluster Headaches (Suicide Headache)

The Cluster Headache Support Group

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The Clients Goal

The president of CHSG saw an awareness documentary we did for another condition and wrote this: "Cluster headaches are a very serious and debilitating neurological condition, nicknamed "suicide headache". I'm curious if you would have the interest to do something similar for cluster headache; we would love to have something of your caliber to publish." Six sufferers from The Cluster Headache Support Group would share their story; all filmed on the same day.

Our Strategy

Many of you know that I produced an awareness film called Quiet Please, about a neurological condition called Misophonia; this new project on Cluster Headaches, is also being used to raise awareness and capture the pain and torment of this unbearable condition. The documentary we just completed, prepared us for the emotional interviews, but their stories of suffering still affected me for several days.  

The Results

"Thanks again, Jeff. The videos were very well received... A new classic that so many will share and help tell their story, help increase awareness and you know how much that matters! The Cluster Headache Support Group Thanks you for taking the time to work with us on this project!" 

-Chris Hannah, Founder, Cluster Headache Support Group