Chocolate unwraped youtube show

Chocolate YouTube Show

What Factors Contribute to the Value of a Craft Chocolate Bar?

Behind the scenes

Interviews with the Co-hosts


Chocolate Tasting Interaction

behind the scenes

The Crew



Goal + Strategy = Results

The Clients Goal

Glenn Petriello, owner of Chocotastery, and a chocolate educator and chocolate maker was interested in creating a YouTube show titled Chocolate Unwrapped. The series would focus on craft chocolate education, consumer trends, tasting chocolate, and feature conversations with chocolate industry experts, enthusiasts to talk about various chocolate topics in the growing industry.  The first episode would introduce the co-hosts to the audience through interviews. 

Our Strategy

We had the concept, we had the talent, but we needed to design a set that drew the viewer into the world of craft chocolate.  Using chocolate labels, printed material, cacao props and 4 strategically placed cameras, we created an intimate space conducive to engagement.

The Results

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff for a chocolate youtube series called Chocolate Unwrapped. From the initial conversation we had, he had really taken on a vested interest to share chocolate, a passion of his, with others through his videography.  He was always patient and pointed out rooms for improvement when we were filming and had a keen eye for amazing moments when they occurred and skillfully compiled them together to create an amazing first episode. I look forward to working with Jeff into the future and highly recommend him for any type of food or business video. If you’re looking to have a high quality video production to promote your business, Jeff and Action Media Productions is your best choice, hands down!"

 -Glenn Petrillo, owner of Chocotastery, co-host of "Chocolate Unwrapped