Client Spotlight: Sage Age

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15 Years of Quality Productions

For over 15 years, Media Productions has been the sole video production company for Sage Age Strategies, a leader in Senior Living Marketing. Our partnership has led to many opportunities on a national level, including our first project for Yamaha. Since that project, we have worked closely with the Sage team to produce award-winning Videos, PowerPoint Presentations, and Digital Photography for well over 25 of their clients.

Giving Back

Giving Back...

When Sage Age decided to redesign their own website, they once again chose Action Media to produce the video content.  The two-month project included testimonials from a dozen Sage Age clients in five states, as well as interviews with the Sage leadership team.  Sage Age also provided videos to each client who participated in the endeavor, helping them to market themselves as well.  

Collaborative Relationship

A Collaborative Relationship

The best thing about working with Sage Age, is that they consider Action Media to be a member of the team, and there's no great feeling than when a client values your input. It's also nice to be invited to the annual Christmas party, amongst other events throughout the year. We're looking forward to many more projects and fun times with Sage Age Strategies.

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Thanks for your kind words...

Absolutely beautiful work; I get goosebumps when I watch every video! -Erin Strine, Account Manager

I just had the chance to watch Greenwood House's videos ... they are fabulous; really nice, and will be a great addition to their new website. -Malissa Illiano,  Director of Market Research

Jeff...perfection! Tears of empathy for Ana, tears of happiness for Irene and Josephine, and smiles for Shirley and Toni, really good stuff here.  Thanks for making us look so good ... again! 

-Kimberly DiGangi, Senior Writer