Client Spotlight: Suzi's sweet shoppe

5 Years of Creating "Tasteful" Images

For over 5 years, Action Media Productions and Suzi's Sweet Shoppe have been collaborating on marketing images of every aspect of the chocolate shop, including: Retail, Corporate, Gifts, Products, and a video series on what goes into making some of Suzi's most popular items.  Our relationship started out as a working one, but has developed into one of mutual respect, friendship, and collaboration.

Collaboraton as its Best

The best thing about working with long-term clients, is the synchronicity you develop after years of learning and honing your individual, as well as collaborative skills.  After 6 videos and literally hundreds of product shots, I know what she likes, she knows my strong points, and together we create images that depict her store and products in their best light.

A Supportive Relationship

When I approached Susan about a crowd-funding campaign I was running, to produce a documentary on a subject that affected me personally, her support went above and beyond.  These Suzi's Sweet Shoppe chocolate bars, bearing the name of my film were shipped to 22 countries and helped the film become a reality, and Suzi's Chocolates were served at the premier as well.

Hand Dipped Chocolate Pretzel Video

A few months ago I approached Susan with the idea of creating a series of videos that showed what went into some of her most popular products. The video series was launched on Facebook and Instagram and was an instant hit, with each video surpassing 5,000 views.

Additional Suzi's sweet shoppe Projects

Creating the Figaro

The best part of video, is that you get to learn different processes. "The Figaro" is a complex multi-step process...but so worth the effort.

Product Shots

We've literally taken hundreds of photographs of Suzi's products, including the graphics on the car, and the car itself.  Check out Suzi's product page.

The Artistry of Suzi's

"The Artistry of Suzi's" captures the transformation of chocolate to a piece of art. We conveyed the skill & creativity of the process.

Thanks for your kind words...

Beautiful product Photography & Video for any retail store are critical for an online presence, website sales, and social media. That’s why I’m so glad Jeffrey & Action Media love chocolate so much; not only do they do an amazing job representing my store and products, but they make shoot days a fun experience. Coming to my shop is an advantage, as it gives us the ability to be creative with the products and collaborate on how to capture the best angles and layouts. You can almost taste my homemade chocolate and fudge from the pictures!  The response to our videos & photos on social media has been overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to many more shoots with Action Media!" 

-Susan Hordych, Chocolatier, Author, Suzi's Sweet Shoppe