Client Spotlight: Hearing health foundation

Continuing on my Journey to Raise Awareness

With the global release of Quiet Please... in early 2018, I didn't think another awareness film, never mind a sound-related one, was in my immediate future. One of the best aspects of running a video production company, is that you never know what projects are around the corner, and more importantly, where those clients and referrals will stem from. In 2017, as I was wrapping up the release version of the documentary, I was contacted by Hyperacusis Research Limited, Inc. to produce an awareness video on the life-altering condition that causes a person to be unable to tolerate everyday noise levels without discomfort or pain. Once the "Cure4Cindy" campaign video was launched, the Hearing Health Foundation (HHF) saw the video, and was interested in producing a video of their own, to commemorate 60-years of hearing loss awareness,  groundbreaking research and the promotion of hearing health. I was introduced to the HHF through the president of Hyperacusis Research Limited, Bryan Pollard, and the rest as they history.


It began with a plan...

Once the project was green-lit by the board, things developed rather quickly, thanks to Lauren McGrath, HHF's Marketing Manager. On day one, a spreadsheet was setup with a list of participants to film; that same week, the doc was populated with details about each subject, locations, shoot dates, and bios. At that point, I breathed a sigh of relief; I knew I was working with a client that was both hands-on, diligent, and efficient. I rarely had to wait for a response, and anything I needed to facilitate production and post-production, was at my disposal.

filming one of eleven subjects on hearing loss

11 Interviews in 5 states

In an effort  to capture the geographically and ethnically diverse group of individuals, as well as esteemed researchers in the Hearing Loss Community, we knew we had to travel out of the tri-state area.  As with any project on a national level, there are logistics involved; add travel shoots and things get complicated quickly. HHF contracted video crews in California and New Orleans, and Action Media handled the other 9 subjects, including scientist Andrew Groves, PhD, Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. The cohesiveness of the footage is the result of a well-executed plan.

"Hearing Hope" A Short film on hearing loss

Originally, HHF was interested in a 3-4 minute production; it was only after we saw the breadth of footage and content opportunities, that we realized the project needed to span multiple videos. Since this is a work in progress, HHF decided to release a more in-depth version first while we finalize an abbreviated version, as well as short themed vignettes for social media. "Hearing Hope" was well-received by both the Hearing Loss Community and those unaffected. 

Featured Article

Hearing Health Magazine

At the end of the first day of filming, I realized that this wasn't going to be an "ordinary" project...I had already met three special individuals who had left an indelible mark on me. I starting posting about my experiences and HHF caught on that this project was having a positive effect on me, and asked me if I'd be interested in telling my story in their quarterly magazine...absolutely! It was both cathartic and inspiring to write about the people I met and filmed; I learned something from each of them. Click here to read the full article.

Thanks for your kind words...

"Hearing Health Foundation (HHF) has been fortunate to work closely with Action Media Productions on a large-scale, multi-part video project. A large portion of the project was recently completed in the form of a 15-minute short film that has exceeded our expectations. 

Jeff was attentive every step of the way during our collaboration. He provided feedback on suggested b roll, prompt questions, and the settings in which each subject was to be filmed. One of the final and most important steps, anticipated to be difficult, was to combine our 11 interviews into one cohesive video. Luckily, by this time we’d already developed enough synergy with Jeffrey to make this process fairly seamless. He has developed a strong command of our mission, our values, and our target audience, making it apparent that he’s put his full heart into this project. 

The 15-minute video is a beautifully-flowing documentary-style film that has deeply touched all who have watched. We look forward to continuing our project with Jeffrey and Action Media Productions and are so grateful our paths have crossed. Jeffrey is an artist, a professional and a wonderful human being."


-  CEO Timothy Hidgon, Chief Executive Officer, Hearing Health Foundation 

-Lauren McGrath, Marketing Manager, Hearing Health Foundation