client testimonials/Executive interviews

Client Testimonials

Sherpa Customer-Relationship Manager System

7 Client Testimonials - 5 Executive Interviews

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Sherpa Client Testimonials


Sherpa's clients gave some of the best testimonials we've ever captured and reinforced the executive team's interviews.

Filmed On-Location in Nashville


Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. We go anywhere...

Sherpa Executive Interviews


The executive team at Sherpa were eloquent, classy and inspiring; their stories, passions and philosophies were captured through interviews.


The Clients Goal

This was another collaboration with Senior Living Marketing company, Sage Age Strategies; their client Sherpa, needed video content for their new website launch. The goal was to film the executive team and client testimonials as well. 

Our Strategy

We took advantage of a senior living convention in Nashville that was coming up, because all of the key players would be in attendance.  We filmed 12 interviews over 1.5 days, using 3 cameras, including a hand-held for movement. 

The Results

After 29 years, we never get tired of hearing how please our clients are with their videos...

"Just received feedback from the team, they’re all happy; there’s a real sense of gravitas and professionalism with the videos… I think that’s a very good thing." -Katie Davis, Chief Strategy Officer Sherpa 


"I love how the messages and content have hit on key benefits of Sherpa! Nice work by all!." 

-Faith Ott, President Sage Age Strategies

"Nicely done Jeffrey." -Sean Ochester,  

Executive Vice President of Digital & Integrated Strategy, Sage Age Strategies

"These look great Jeff." -Dean Kistner, Creative Director, Sage Age Strategies