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Awareness Documentary on Misophonia

"Quiet Please..." Official Trailer

Directed by Jeffrey Scott Gould

profession meets passion


"I know what you's called Misophonia"

Those words from my best friend Pat were the impetus for me to direct, produce, shoot and edit, a documentary that is very close to my heart. Once I learned that Misophonia was the name for the sound sensitivity issue I had my whole life, I knew I had to make a film that would help others to become aware of this neurological condition as well. I wanted to convey what we endure, and show researchers that lives and families are being impacted.


Taking an action...

I came up with the title  pretty quickly and set out to raise $20,000 through crowd-funding on IndieGoGo. I knew social media was the key to my success, so I started out by asking the Misophonia community if they would find value in a documentary; that night I received well over 500 comments and I knew this was going to be big...but I never imagined how big. In addition to being in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, and Forbes, I was interviewed for many publications and radio shows around the world.  The film has garnered 16 festival awards and selections, and has reached sufferers in 22 countries. The film has recently been distributed on: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Vimeo on Demand, in 7 languages.


Changing lives — Including my own

"Directing, shooting, producing and editing Quiet Please... was a dream come true; a life-changing experience, and it showed me that one person can make a difference. This 3 year journey has helped me grow as a person and as a filmmaker, and I love bringing that growth to my clients and colleagues." 

-Jeffrey Scott Gould, Director, Quiet Please... 

"Thank you for creating your documentary on Misophonia; it effectively educates its audience and changes the lives of its sufferers. If only I could play it on a giant projector so the entire world could watch, learn, and believe that it's real."  -Courtney Cummings, Misophonia Sufferer