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Repêchage ®  Red-Out®  Facial & Products

International Skincare Manufacturing Company

Videos for Repêchage

Website Introduction


Repechage president, Lydia Sarfati introducing the companies history, philosophies, products, and a glimpse into the production line.

Seaweed Treatment Mask


Repechage's projects usually involve more than one video per shoot; this time, a Seaweed Treatment Mask and Sea Smooth Waxing.

FUSION™ Skin Care Products


This new product line involved 5 children, ingredients, techniques, and product shots. Click here to see the opening of the video.


The Clients Goal

Repêchage, an International skin care company produces a yearly Marketing/Instructional video series for their clients, based on new product lines and requests. Action Media has been producing those videos for the past 6 years. Some of our projects over the years included: Facial Bar, Four Layer Facial, Fusion, Red Out, Waxing, Biolight, Seaweed Studies, Ingredient Segments, and 16 one-minute product videos for social media.  

Our Strategy

Repêchage was always ahead of the curve when it came to realizing the benefits of video; they started including DVD's with their products in the early 90's. We knew that with Repechage's high standards and international market, we'd have to exceed their expectations. Each shoot needed to be filmed with three cameras, as close ups were important to show various techniques. We also shot multiple videos for each product line, to maximize the production time and value for each series.  

The Results

“The Four Layer Facial video was a very complex project that took a lot of pre and post production attention; Jeff was able to pull it all together and make it perfect. We look forward to working with Action Media on future projects!” 

–Brady Halbert, Corporate Communications Specialist

"They were amazing! And to think you produced these in such a short time...really great job; everyone here is very happy with them". -Mary, Repechage