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Maxillofacial Surgery Center for Excellence 

Kayvon Haghighi, DDS, MD, FACS 

Additional videos

Meet the Doctor


Using footage from the practice's overview video, we edited a vignette of Dr. Haghighi discussing his philosophy of patient care.

Patient Testimonials


Since we filmed so many great patient testimonials, we suggested creating a video of patients' experiences with the Dr. and staff.

Patient Education

Patient Education Title

Dr. Haghighi wanted to highlight two common procedures in an effort to prepare his patients, and also to discuss the benefits of each.


The Clients Goal

Working with Shore Creative Group, Action Media was part of a hand chosen team to promote a new Maxillofacial Surgery practice for Dr. Haghighi, DDS, MD, FACS, and launch a new website that included video, was search engine optimized, and incorporated all of those elements into key social media sites.  

Our Strategy

 Filming in an active medical facility is a sensitive proposition; patients are there because they don't feel well, or they are anxious about having a procedure or surgery...this is why I recommended shooting on a weekend when the office is closed. As with most of our projects, there were multiple videos we were trying to fit in to a 2.5 day shooting schedule: practice overview, patient testimonials, patient education, and surgical shots. We accomplished all we set out to. The completed videos are strategically placed based on content, on their website:  

The Results

"Jeffrey and his crew were involved in our planning sessions once the marketing partners was chosen. Jeffrey's 20 plus years of producing medical videos made him the perfect candidate to handle that aspect of our new practice launch. The filming days were smooth, time-efficient, fun, and Jeffrey helped our staff and patients to be comfortable and relaxed on camera. The five completed videos did a great job of depicting the practice, and Dr. Haghighi became emotional when he heard his patients' testimonials saying how he changed their lives."

-Kim Brancato, Office Manager