Product & educational

Product Introduction & Education

Pure Inventions Product Line Overview

1 of 33 Videos filmed over two-days

Additional videos

Merchandising Videos


Pure Inventions has always excelled in the area of client education; they took it to a new level with this series of  merchandising videos

Product Specific Videos


Pure Inventions offers many product lines; the key to their success, is for their clients to understand the features & benefits of each

15-Second Recipe Videos


Pure Inventions wanted 25 15-second upbeat videos to highlight all the combinations of flavors you could create by mixing flavors


The Clients Goal

Pure Inventions is a revolutionary line of liquid extracts that is dedicated to promoting beauty and wellness from within, and due to scheduling demands, they needed to film 33 videos in 2.5 days! You read that correctly. 25 of those videos were specifically for social media and were recipe based using fast motion, catchy music and motion text. The balance of the videos were product line specific, as well as client training.

Our Strategy

Having worked with the Pure Inventions team for 10 years, we already established a solid relationship based on work ethic, productivity, and a whole lot of fun. Pre-planning for this project was key and COO President and Action Media came up with a spreadsheet that made the most of our time together. Using a teleprompter and two cameras, one fixed, and one handheld for edgy camera moves, we were able to shoot each product line relatively quickly. The videos were launched on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and are being used on

The Results

"Hi Jeff- thanks so much for your unwavering dedication to this key initiative for Pure Inventions and we believe will be a game changer to our business" -Lynne, Co-founder, Pure Inventions

"Your video work is simply great!" Your attention to detail while seeking perfection is very much appreciated. -Lori, Co-founder, Pure Inventions

"Out-freaking-standing!!!  Exactly what I had envisioned.  Awesome branding, upbeat, fun and efficient.  Jeff, you do amazing work and I generally do not throw around compliments lightly!"  -Jerry, President and COO Pure Inventions