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The Action Media Van

Action Media Productions, a full-service corporate video production company has created numerous award-winning videos for a variety of industries including: corporate, senior living, small business, medical and healthcare, industrial, retail, human resources, and many other diverse fields and professions. Scroll down to see some of our varied client projects, including case studies and testimonials.  

Service Provider


A Kneaded Vacation Massage & Wellness needed a Welcome video to showcase their services as well as their new office and treatment rooms. In addition, we produced 10 Social Media Videos. Click to view video, case study & testimonial. 

Client Testimonials

Sherpa testimonials

A written testimonial is a powerful and emotional way to resonate with a potential client; a video testimonial takes that to another level with body language, sincerity and facial expressions.  Click to view the video, case study & Sherpa's testimonial. 

Medical and Healthcare

Medical video production

This genre includes everything from marketing, practice and facility overviews, to patient education and treatments/procedures; Click on the image to view medical/healthcare videos, case study and client testimonial.

Senior Living Marketing


For over twenty years, we've had the privilege of filming senior living communities on a national level; we love working with seniors, and they're pretty fond of us as well.  Click on the image to view medical/healthcare videos, case study and client testimonial.

Manufacturing and Training

manufacturing videos

Take your audience behind-the-scenes and show off your facility, products, executive team and associates. Click on the image to view videos, case study and testimonials from Repechage, an upscale international skin care company.

Product and Educational

product videos

Video is a proven way to market, educate, and reach your targeted audience. Whether it's highlighting a product's features or a tutorial on how to get the most from shines. Click to view marketing and informational videos, case study and client testimonials. 

Awareness and Non-Profit


We all have causes that are close to us and that we support; Emotion, inspiration, and a call-to-action are how video excels at delivering your message. Click  to view Awareness videos, case study and client testimonial. 

Safety and Training

safety and training

Employee Orientation, new policies, safety rules, or client education; video is a succinct platform to inform, and deliver a consistent message. Click to view Safety & Training videos, case study and client testimonial.



Documentaries have the power to educate, evoke, and start a conversation; audiences connect with inspired storytelling. Click on the image to view our most recent award-winning, full-length documentary, "Quiet Please...".

Chocolate YouTube Show

Youtube show

It's great when you can combine two passions: chocolate and video, to create something you're proud of. Welcome to the first episode of Chocolate Unwrapped a series focused on chocolate education, consumer trends and tasting chocolate. The show features co-hosts Glenn and Adrienne.  Click here for case study, behind the scenes and testimonial from the show creator.

Barbershop Instagram Video

barbershop video

Social Media is no longer just a place to post events and selfies, it's become the premiere platform for advertisers to capture their audiences attention.  There are celebrity chefs, bakers, and yes, even celebrity barbers.  The barbershops of 2020 are not your grandfather's barbershops, our goal was to convey that. This video was created specifically for Instagram  & YouTube.

Motivational Presentation

motivational video

Neurosurgeon Mark McLaughlin discusses "The Power of Platforms to a staff of medical professionals.  His incorporation of medical analogies, famous quotes and books and appropriately labelled platforms, all came together to convey Dr. McLaughin's philosophy of platforms and how they play a part in our lives. Video, case study and testimonial coming soon.