safety & training

First Responder's Training Video

High Visibility Safety Vests: Be Safe-Be Seen


Additional MONOC Videos

Company Overview


Our video for MONOC several years back was an epic production involving staged accidents, actual events and every facet of the company

Recruitment Video


We shot so much footage for the company overview video, that MONOC suggested we produce a recruitment/job fair video as well

Lights & Sirens Safety


This video was produced to show that EMS lights and sirens will likely increase the risk of being involved in a serious collision  


The Clients Goals

With our last two safety related video, Jeff has allowed us the opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of EMS responders throughout the country by providing them with practical knowledge that may someday save their lives while on the job.  We knew Jeff and Action Media were the right team to produce our complex safety vest video.

Our Strategy

Shooting educational/instructional video for First Responders is often a challenge. Due to our long relationship with MONOC, we developed a good plan going into the shoot and incorporated: a staged accident, day and night scenes, a Drone, vehicle mounted cameras, a helicopter and a team of dedicated Paramedics and support staff. 

The Results

“I have been working with Action Media Productions since 2008 and with every project; Jeff has never failed to exceed our expectations. Every video has been vastly different, but Jeff has always adapted and delivered a superior product and experience.”   – Scott Matin, VP of Clinical, Education & Business