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Nicole Lerario, LMT

Additional Content & Videos

Welcome by Nicole Lerario


It was important to capture not only Nicole's warm personality, but her individual approach to clients as well; there's no "one-size fits all" here.

Client Testimonials


The best testimonials are the ones where you say "I couldn't have written better words"; that was the case with the 3 clients Nicole chose.

10 Social Media Videos


When we initially met to discuss the Welcome Video, I suggested doing 10 "Nicole's Health Tips" Social Media Videos as well...she agreed.

Filming Welcome Video


When you work with like-minded individuals, things just go smoothly and efficiently.

Capturing Client Testimonials


Nicole had many long-term clients to choose from, but diversity was paramount.

Filming Social Media Videos


We had so much fun filming these, that we were literally crying from laughing so much.


The Clients Goal

When Nicole contacted me about producing a video for her business, she had a clear vision in mind: capture her professionalism and personality, convey the warm space and show her interacting and performing a massage on her clients. We both know the power of satisfied client testimonials, so we included those as well.

Our Strategy

I've known Nicole for years and knew she'd be a hands-on client, after all, she knows her business and message better than anyone. Even though it was my job to bring that vision to fruition, this project was collaboration at its best.  Nicole was even a part of the editing process; after 29 years, we're adaptable to each client's style and needs.

The Results


"Working with Jeff was an absolute joy.  What could be a stressful and arduous process was made easy and the end product speaks for itself.   He made my business's philosophy, services, differentiation and the facility all come to life in a way that was passionate without being "sales-y". I appreciate his eye for detail and perfection during the shooting AND the editing process.  I have already recommended Action Media Productions to those who saw the quality of his work after viewing my video.  I look forward to future collaborations as my business continues to grow." -Nicole Lerario, LMT